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KW Property Management & Consulting (“KW,” “Management,” or “Property Manager”) has been retained by your Association to oversee day-to-day operations. The following will help give you a brief outline of some of the services the KW team provides.

The duties of KW Property Management & Consulting include the responsibility for accounts payable, accounts receivable and maintaining the financial records.  Management supervises contractors that work for the Association.  Management assists the Board of Directors with enforcement of the provisions of the Homeowner's Documents and with the general overall administration of the policies established by your Board of Directors.

Your Association also hires third-party contractors to service and maintain the Association’ common property.  Guided by contracts, your operating budget and your Board of Directors, KW Property Management & Consulting gives these contractors direction and supervision.

General Manager:

Michelle LeCroy

Email: Mlecroy@kwpmc.com

Administrative Assistant

Marie Intili

Email: mintili@kwpmc.com

Lifestyle Coordinator

Allison Heredia

Email: aheredia@kwpmc.com

ARC and Violations Coordinator

Aaron Cook
Email: acook@kwpmc.com

Office hours

9 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday
10 am - 2 pm Saturday